Maple Leaf Dental

New Patient Information

Preparing for Your First Visit

To make your first appointment as efficient and enjoyable as possible, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes early and you will receive our new patient form via text message to fill out. It isn’t a long-form, but it does ask about your medical and personal history, allowing us to avoid potential problems. For example, we should know about issues such as latex allergies so that we can keep you safe at all times. Additionally, some patients with certain types of heart disease may require medication before their dental procedure to avoid complications—we should also be informed of issues like this. Our mission is for your procedure to be successful from start to finish, and that begins with honest disclosure of your medical conditions.
When your form is complete, we will review it as you prepare for dental X-rays. Then, the doctor arrives for an exam and one of our highly qualified dental hygienists will come by for a cleaning. If you have any ongoing health issues—as noted in your New Patient Form—we will collaborate to develop an effective treatment plan. Occasionally, we can even begin treatment the same day, allowing you to feel better faster.
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Insurance & Payment Options

MLD is considered in-network with a wide variety of plans from a range of carriers, including:

Don’t worry if your insurance isn’t listed. We work with many carriers not listed here. Simply call us to determine if you can be covered as an in-network patient. If this isn’t an option, we can always accept coverage as an out-of-network provider.