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Dental Reconstruction is an Investment in Your Overall Health

Dental Reconstruction

When your mouth needs attention, your overall health can suffer. If you haven’t been able to take care of your oral health, you might already be feeling the effects on your general health. Even if it’s gotten bad, taking care of your dental health and seeking dental reconstruction now can save you pain and suffering down the road — there’s no better time to start looking after your teeth and gums than now. A dental reconstruction doesn’t just restore the appearance and functionality of your teeth; it can make you feel like a brand-new person.


Study after study has shown the link between oral health problems and cardiac diseases. While the reason for the link isn’t clear as of yet, the two are strongly related. Whether it’s gum disease or tooth loss and decay, having a mouth in need of reconstruction can increase your risk for heart problems, including stroke and heart attack.

While correlation doesn’t prove causation and it may come to pass that there’s a separate link between poor oral health and diminished cardiovascular health, it seems that keeping your teeth and gums in good condition and free from bacteria that could enter your bloodstream and affect these processes is the best way to go.



It makes sense to think that the condition of your mouth affects what you put into it. If you need a dental reconstruction, it can be difficult to find healthful foods that don’t cause pain or discomfort when you need to eat.  Beyond that, though, there’s a strong link between obesity and poor oral health.

Obesity is linked to a persistent, low-grade inflammation in your body. Poor oral health can be due to or can contribute to more inflammation, so it becomes a vicious cycle in which your overall health suffers because your oral health is suffering. Investing in a dental reconstruction could be the start of a new relationship with your body overall — one that has you feeling better than ever.



Your mental health is just as important to your overall well-being as your physical health. If you need a dental reconstruction, it’s easy to sit by while descending into a spiral of anxiety, upset and low self-esteem. Improving your oral health can improve your mental health — especially if you live with social anxiety.

Poor oral health related to missing teeth or teeth with major discoloration or disfiguration can make you hesitant to show off your smile, even if you have a reason to. You may worry that those you interact with are looking at your mouth that needs work. If you have halitosis, it can feel even more mortifying. When those issues are taken care of, you may feel freer to socialize without worry nagging your mind. Investing in your oral health can improve your mental health.



Pneumonia is another inflammatory disease that makes the air sacs of your lungs fill with fluid, which causes complications. Although pneumonia can be viral, bacterial or even fungal in nature, bacterial pneumonia affects nearly 1 million Americans each year and causes 50,000 deaths.

Bacterial pneumonia doesn’t usually spread from person to person but instead develops after another infection, like a cold or flu, or as the result of a compromised immune system allowing already present and usually harmless bacteria to proliferate. Diminished oral health can contribute to the bacterial load that causes pneumonia; therefore, committing to a dental reconstruction can cut your risk of developing bacterial pneumonia.



It seems careless to regard oral health as separate from overall health and vice versa: one affects the other. When your oral health is suffering, your overall health can suffer — including the often-overlooked mental health side of things. By investing in a dental reconstruction, you can minimize your risk of serious and scary systemic health hazards and improve your overall physical and mental health by leaps and bounds.

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