How can you achieve a whiter and brighter smile?

Suitable cosmetic dental treatment can provide both predictable and positive long term results that will enhance the look and feel of your smile. Below is a list and breif explanation of the treatments Maple Leaf Dental offers.

Polishing is the the simple method of stain removal, also known as “regular cleaning” and is a painless procedure where we apply micro abrasion and rotating instruments. Great if you want to invest minimal amount of money and time.
Bleaching uses a strong oxidizing agent to lighten your teeth. We may recommend in-office, home bleaching or a combination of both depending on the severity of your stains.
Bonding involves the combination of composite resin to the existing tooth. It’s a very conservative method and is not recomended for large surfaces.
Porcelain Venners is an exciting technique in cosmetic dentistry that bonds a thin laminate tenner made of porcelain. It’s beauty and durability is the primary advantadge over composite because it doesn’t stain and remains attractive.
Crowns are generally not recommended for stained but healthy teeth, but for
teeth with severe discoloration with additional aesthetic and functional problems.